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Designer Trendy Bum Bag Adjustable Waist for Travel

If you are going on a day trip or any tour then you must consider buying this waist bag because who doesn’t want a lot of zips to accommodate small accessories and essentials. This bag has a number of zips to hold your small yet essential accessories like chap stick, air pods, charger etc. this small adjustable waist bag is your travel companion. Its adjustable waist band can be adjusted according to your waist. It is not very heavy to carry neither it is too small.

Designer Trendy Bum Bag Has Inside soft lining makes it easy to hold things. It can also work as a wallet or a purse for women because when going for hiking one cannot carry a lot of bags. It gives a very smart and cool image. With this bag around your waist you don’t have to worry about your headphones or sun screen or any other thing getting lost because this buddy keeps them in separate compartment.


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